ROBOFOREX Erfahrungsbericht in DEUTSCH

EXPERIENCE and factual report about Broker ROBOFOREX


- ROBOFOREX - Attention Attention Attention -

DO NOT use the bonus from Roboforex.!


The TradeRobot uses bonus and deposit together and calculates that he has enough money.

But that's not true. As soon as there is a minus to the bonus, all positions are with

total loss of deposited money closed. Logically, as soon as the deposited money

is 100% finish, Roboforex closed all Positions. By the way, is a super thought-out business model

to take money from people. Contributors are then any robot

Programmers who adjust the money management of the robot accordingly,

for this process will happens extremely quickly.

The bad thing is that when testing in Metatrader neither the MT4 Per Cent Account

is available, yet Metatrader can take the bonus into account.

It is only available after the "real money" is deposited.

The important LINK that you should have clicked
before you upload real money to RoboForex:
Rules for beginners

More information and screenshots will follow ...